Hamsters, drums, & drugs?

•August 4, 2010 • 3 Comments

By now we’ve all probably seen this commercial if you live in America and happen to enjoy watching one of your many propaganda tubes aka idiot boxes aka televisions. If you haven’t yet, you should watch it now, just so that I am not the only person who has to experience such strange yet captivating advertising late-night TV has to offer.

This one is, how else can I put it, special. Hip hop hamsters? Breakdancing, driving, AND listening to Black Sheep’s The Choice Is Yours? There’s already too much going on here. I’m still not sure if this is a commercial for KIA, Apple, Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, the car wash, or the pet store, but it does capture your attention. Could this be Black Sheep’s new rap counterpart, Brown Gerbil?

I don’t know if it’s because it was so late when I first saw this video, or if I was just high on chocolate, but I honestly wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be excited over a Black Sheep comeback or not. I’m sure there are a slew of things you can say to make fun of this commercial, but it’s actually become one of my favorite commercials as of late (call it an innocent guilty pleasure). It’s all done in good fun right? Just hamsters and gerbils rockin out to some rap classics and having some wholesome good clean fun, right?


It is a very well known fact that drummers enjoy getting high, but there is one major development here that is being overlooked. Hamsters are now using. We must put an end to this craze. Their tiny hamster bodies are not strong enough to withstand the strength of a California kush plant when shotgunned down their narrow throat holes. And hamsters are only the first step (that’s right). Experts believe that mice may be next, and you know what that means..

Remember Mickey. Just say no.



Mighty High Coup – 808 (music video)

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I told you we’d be back soon (actually we never left). Fresh off the presses, it’s the newest Mighty High Coup track with a music video to match which is simply named “808”.

If you are from the southeast region of America (or just from the 80’s) then you are familiar with 808 drums. In this track, Mighty High Coup uses simple yet classic 808 sounds to make this fun underground hip hop club banger (I’d say “hit” but it’s probably just a little bit early to call it that right now) set to vintage video of old school chains, radios, cars, big booty girls, and breakdancers (edited by Atlanta’s own Zone3). This song is already spreading around underground hip hop spots and circles of people in Atlanta (known as ciphers), and it was recently played at Bonnaroo by super famous multi-genre producer Bassnectar (are you impressed yet).

If I was you I’d go ahead and get in on the ground floor of this new Atlanta trend so that you can say you were one of the first to be “hip” to the “jive”.


Wes Green – Fly Away

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For those who did not purchase a physical copy of How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (or read the linear notes), the engineer for much of the album was Atlanta’s own Wes Green, rapper/producer who lays down beats, vocals, and concepts with many of A-towns greats, including The Wheeler Boys and Dungeon Family’s own Cool Breeze. Although you didn’t get a chance to peep some of Wes’s technical musical abilities on my album, we did begin working together shortly after the album was done and you should be reaping the benefits of those collabos very shortly. However, out of the blue and right on time comes the Wes Green song Fly Away, which does a great job showcasing some of Wes’s production value as well as his mic presence. The song is only one version of many found on the single being released by Wes and TRiLLBASS. Dude is a natural, nuff said.

You can buy the track or listen to the other versions at http://www.trillbass.com/2010/06/wes-green-fly-away-remixes-ep/


Mighty High Coup – Face The Music

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As many of you know I’ve been busy working on lots and lots of songs for various projects. One of those is a newly formed group project featuring yours truly and some of my Atlanta cohorts, including token white founder/rapper producer Ricky Raw & local swag champ Amir “A-Bomb” Herron. This song is our introduction to the world as a group, featuring fresh rhymes, mad swagger, bangin’ beats, and everything else cliché you love about rap. If anything, this is only a sample of what we have in store. We expect the album (appropriately titled To The Moon) to make some solid noise & knock your socks off when it drops, so buy extra socks.

Enjoy the track (especially my verse which is 3rd. I wrote it in less than an hour). Good times.

It’s The Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks!

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So it’s been a while.. Sorry (but not really). Life can be crazy sometimes, but if I don’t have a minute to write a simple blog then wtf is my time worth, right (less than a blog’s time)? This is why I am back (applause).

As you know, I like to keep it pretty hip hop around here, so I figured what better song to end my blog hiatus than “Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks” by Nice-N-Smooth, fresh from 1994, you suckers. The video may look outdated to some of you new jacks, but you can’t deny that the drums are pretty crazy (gotta love breakbeats).

Rap nerds will recognize the drum sample from Schoolly D’s underground 80s jam PSK, also sampled by Biggie on Life After Death, but whether you recognize it or not, all you need to know is that it’s classic, and that I’m back (applause again).


Customer service is dead. On the flip side, I know how to dial numbers with letters now!

•March 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Today I spent too much time on this thing trying to do something that should be simple, and most of the problem comes from the fact that customer service is dead. You can’t get a cheeseburger for less than 20 minutes at the drive-thru these days, let alone a package delivered the way it’s supposed to be.

My family has been trying to mail me something for my birthday for a good month now and it’s been shipped back & forth twice already. Today I was trying to find out which post office had my package because the delivery notice they left had no address on it (wtf?).


..on the flip side, I know how to dial numbers containing only letters on my Blackberry now! This seemed tricky because the letters & numbers are spread out more like a computer keyboard instead of a phone, so the numbers and letters don’t correspond in the same way. Ready for the simple answer? Just dial the number part (800, 976, area code, etc.) and then hold the ALT button while you press the letters. Then just hit send and it will convert the letters to numbers automatically.

Why didn’t I think to Google that earlier? Don’t laugh.. If you’re reading this it’s because you didn’t think to Google it either. I’m not sure why I thought this was an issue but I guess these things ain’t that bad after all. No. Wait … Of course they are!

Starting off the day with some Hi-Tek (Get Ta Steppin’ ft Mos Def & Vinia Mojica)

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Yesterday shortly after I woke up and started driving to work, my day was greeted by a sweet groove from the past. Nothing too sentimental but more nostalgic than anything. It was this song “Get Ta Steppin” by Hi-Tek with Mos Def & Vinia Mojica, and for some reason it started my day off perfectly. Something about the way it hit, with that smooth subtle intro that gradually forms into a warm and knocking melody. It reminds me of this whole era when underground hip hop seemed as big as mainstream, with labels like Rawkus puttin out classics with some of rap’s newest finest, and major labels signing artists that sounded more underground with witty punchlines and concepts.

This song however isn’t about punchlines or concepts, but more about capturing a feeling and expressing it with soulful kicks, snares, guitar licks & bass lines. Music that says more than it speaks with its words. Songs like this are the reason why people today like Lupe say that hip hop saved their life. Hi-Tek is actually the guy that made me want to work with producers like Kno, Tonedeff, & Ricky Raw in the first place. So here you go, from the vaults of my memory and from the peak of the golden era, here is a fresh track to help you start or get through your day. Enjoy..