Mr. SOS – What’s MK ULTRA? (music video)

Fans of the album How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb have recently found themselves in a bit of a predicament. They have all of these futuristic, groundbreaking, and overall awesome tracks from this criminally slept on album to listen to, but as visual as the album may be to some, there is no music video out to really drive any of the concepts home yet. Well, look no further because there is now. Directed by Allan Corbett and co-directed by myself (but mainly Allan) this video takes one of the less appreciated songs on the album and turns it into one of the most conceptual songs/music videos of the year so far (and I’m half quoting, not just blindly bragging). And if you don’t know what MK ULTRA is yet, what the hell is that search engine on the top right hand corner of your web browser for then anyways?

Shout out to Allan Corbett for laying the awesome graphics and typography, Cipher Linguistics for producing the track, Knick of Evol Intent (& LudaChrist) for playing the guitar part which everyone always thinks is a sample, and to my girl Jenny for making some pretty realistic (and very sticky) blood.

Warning: No need to adjust your screen. This video is a bit trippy..


~ by secretagent505 on August 4, 2010.

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